You’ve worked hard for your home, it’s the largest investment that most of us ever make. So it just makes sense to be proactive to protect that investment. Routine maintenance and upgrades will go a long way to keeping your home operating at peak performance and comfort.








When it comes to your home, let’s start at the top. Having a solid roof over your head, expertly installed with quality materials assures that your family is safe and protected from the elements.  As it protects your family, it makes a statement about the beauty and value of your home.

Whether you need a few shingles replaced or a complete roof installation, our team will install the best products expertly to prevent further damage while improving the look and safety of your home.

At RJ Grimes, our roofing specialists provide:

  • Basic repairs and routine maintenance
  • Upgrading residential roofs
  • CertainTeed Shingle Master
  • Emergency weather-related roof repair
  • GAF and CertainTeed certified products
  • Blown-in attic insulation


There’s always that house on a street that stands out because of it’s “curb appeal” – and most times that speaks to how the home is sided. As impactful as a beautifully sided home can be, the energy efficiency and value it adds to your home makes it one of the most most impressive improvements you can make.

At RJ Grimes, our siding specialists provide:

  • Siding materials in vinyl, hardiplank, composite and metal
  • Tyvek certified products
  • A wide selection of colors and finishes
  • Products that won’t chip, fade or crack in the winter conditions
  • No more scraping or painting wood shingles

Quality siding can help reduce monthly energy costs by creating an insulating barrier between inside air and outdoor elements. Siding also means substantial savings over the need to paint your home’s exterior every few years.



Installing new windows is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Upgrading to energy efficient, easy to operate windows increases the value of your home and provides a clear view of property. We can recommend that right window product to meet your design goals and budget.

At RJ Grimes, we provide windows that are:

  • Only finest window manufacturers
  • Engineered for superior energy performance
  • Manufactured with advanced materials
  • Maintenance free – never scrape and paint again
  • Insulated frame and tilt-in convenience

If windows in your home are more than 10 years old, they could be costing you a substantial amount of money. Energy is lost through inefficient windows and doors causing you to heat or cool your home at higher levels.



A home with poor performing gutters will allow water to enter your home, can stain walls and siding, rot wood framing and even crack your cement foundation. The primary job of gutters is to move water from your roof to the proper drainage outlet.

At RJ Grimes, our gutter specialists provide:

  • High quality gutter systems
  • Custom fitted gutters & downspouts
  • Inspection, cleaning & Repairs
  • Gutter protection systems

Installing seamless aluminum or copper gutters and downspouts – properly designed, fabricated and installed onsite, provides the capacity needed to handle rain runoff to prevent water from entering your home and causing flooding or structural damage.



Expanding your home’s living space with a beautifully designed and built outdoor deck and will create a useful outdoor environment. When the weather turns warm, having an outdoor living space will make your home more comfortable and valuable.

RJ Grimes deck construction provides:

  • WOLF certified decking and installation
  • Trex composite decking and railings
  • Well-designed outdoor living spaces
  • Highest quality WOLF PVC decking materials
  • Materials for every climate, budget and design
  • Premium performance without a premium price